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Pete Karl Who?

Who (and what) is Pete Karl II? Where'd he come from? Where's he going? How is he going to get there? Not sure about some of these.
it me.

I'm a tall-ish gent who grew up avoiding parties on the beaches of NJ. My father installed carpet, and I learned the craft. High school was peppered with pizza delivery while blasting Deftones, roofing in blazing summer heat, and enjoying glorious NJ pizza-by-the-slice in between landscaping jobs.

Somewhere in the mix, a seed was planted. I liked untangling things. I was energized by simplifying the complex. All it took was changing one line of code. I was hooked.

In the 30 or so years since my BASIC experience, I've had the privilege of working with true misfits, mavericks, and unimaginably crazy people who love their work (most of whom are in tech).

At WEVO, I'm embarking on my biggest bet yet to change the face of design in marketing experiences. Starting from zero on nearly every front.

At Drift, I played a part in the organizational growth from 20 people in 2016 to nearly 300 in 2019. We built on lessons of our co-founders to create a long standing company. It was an incredible experience.

At IDEO, I was immersed in the art of design research in all its forms. As a technologist, my charter was to help IDEO designers and customers alike imagine what might be.

At Localytics, I saw the good and bad of a product startup for the first time. Passionate people, rapid growth, cultural cohesion (and fragmentation), and the costs of consensus and misalignment.

At Upstatement and Bocoup, I developed my love for growing people and companies. These are where I transformed from a player to a player-coach/coach, and learned to develop systems and strategies for growth.

Long before that, I learned that the job isn't done until it's done. You don't go into someone's house and lay down half a rug, or leave scraps all over the place, or put furniture over a ripple. You own the work, and that means the small details count. Even when the entire job is nothing but small, tedious details.

You get it done.

Suffice it to say, it's been a trip. My LinkedIn and Instagram can tell you more.

Special thanks to my first teammates and long-time influences Nick Sergeant and Jon Biddle.

I can be found just about anywhere by the handle steyblind.