Every employee has that dreaded Day 1. But, if your hiring process is thorough, new hires will already have a sense of the organization’s culture and what’s expected of them in their new role. Even still, the difference between an employee on Day 1 and on Day 90 can seem heroic.

It’s no wonder that the common practice is to have 30, 60 and 90-day milestones for getting new developers fully up to speed. Ideally, by that 90th day, they’re comfortable contributing code, collaborating with other stakeholders, and regularly providing feedback to teammates.

But what if you could get engineers up to speed and fully incorporated into their teams by the end of day 3?

Meet Drift’s onboarding process.

A 3-day program is exactly how Pete Karl II, Product Efficiency Lead at Drift, gets new engineers up to speed.

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