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Culture! Ship it! Go!
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Culture! Ship it! Go!

Culture! Ship it! Go!

A Relaxed Look at Getting Engineers up to Speed in a High Performance Organization

I’m writing this having recently onboarded a dozen new engineers at Drift. Folks varied in level from Intern to Senior Tech Lead, and they were ready to see what Drift was all about.

These are my learnings, and you can bet this is a work in progress. Here goes!

Before I jump into methods, let’s talk outcomes.

The worst outcome would be a group of overwhelmed programmers, fully dependent on others for instruction. They wouldn’t know their role in their team or their department, and they wouldn’t be able to connect their day-to-day work with the success of the company. Worse yet, they could start on the path of failure, driven by ego and defensive mindsets.

The best outcome would be a set of individuals with a sense of purpose, the tools they need to be autonomous, and with a learning mindset. They will have experienced success, and understand their role in the success of those around them. They have the will and skill to get shit done!

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